Catcher Co. Sticky Liquid
Catcher Co. Sticky Liquid
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Catcher Co. Sticky Liquid

4 oz. squeeze bottles

Manufactured by Catcher Company, this industry leading bait scent and fish attractant has been a tournament angler favorite and well kept secret for years. It's unparalleled attractant capabilities have put it in the forefront of most professional tournament anglers and professional guides.

The Crawfish X-tra Thick product is for those who like to either marinate your soft baits overnight, or coat your baits just prior to fishing in very warm waters.

Sometimes, the small-time manufacturers make an attractant product, bait, or lure that beats the big boys, and Catcher Co.'s Sticky Liquid is no exception! As one of the longest-lasting scent attractants for fish on the market, Sticky Liquid is a proven performer, and for the price, why not give it a try?