Visual Wrap Software
Visual Wrap Software
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Visual Wrap Software

VisualWRAP is a unique software package for fishing rod builders.

*It lets you design decorative cross wraps for custom fishing rods, view them in 3D, and calculate layout spacings for your blank.
*VisualWRAP is a software tool for working with decorative cross wraps.
*It lets you design, edit, view and share cross wrap thread patterns.
*Cross wrap patterns are built up by laying colored threads onto a rod in a certain sequence.
*Patterns in VisualWRAP are based on a similar principle - using a scripting language you tell the software where to place threads and in what order.
*The software then draws threads on the screen, showing how the pattern will develop.
*The pattern is drawn in 2D and can then be sent to a 3D viewer. This lets you see the pattern from any angle in space.
* You can print out the 2D pattern scaled to the size of your blank. This is useful for laying out patterns, but also for showing how the pattern is going to look on your rod. You can print out a table showing the layout spacings to suit a tapered rod, or take measurements from the printed image.
*A special recipe page draws the pattern at critical stages of its development, so you can see how it should be looking. You print the recipe and use it as a guide while you do the wrap.