Lamiglas Fishing Rods Made in the USA
Lamiglas Fishing Rods Made in the USA
Lamiglas Fishing Rods

While we make over 300 rods of varied actions, the reactions we get from anglers rarely changes. You probably didn't realize our selection diversity. We are a specialty rod manufacturer.

We have mastered our craft after over 54 years of manufacturing rods with the best research, development, consultation with professional and amateur anglers, and outright fishing with our own products. We must have this level of commitment to survive in an industry so saturated with choices, but our primary goal is making choices easier for you. There's always a Lamiglas rod for your favorite fishing. This kind of foresight comes with every Lamiglas rod we build. Exactly how we incorporate this element of confidence is outlined in great detail on these pages.

"Action" is the measurement of deflection or flex the rod exhibits under load, and more importantly, where that flex occurs along the length of the blank. "Extra Fast" actions concentrate more of the flex towards the tip. "Slow" actions distribute the flex progressively throughout the entire blank. Because there is no single, scientifically accurate measurement system accepted by the entire industry, not all actions are exactly alike. Lamiglas rod actions are dictated by a variety of factors: the intended application, targeted prey, lure weight, line weight and, quite honestly, what the professionals on our pro-staff recommend.

Single piece rods and rod sections over 6' but less than 9' will be charge additional $6.00

Single piece rods 9' and over must be ship oversize frieght and will be charged accordingly.

Made in U.S.A.