Great crankbait for light tackle
Rapala Mini Fat Rap Crankbait
Rapala Mini Fat Rap CrankbaitRapala Mini Fat Rap Crankbait
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Rapala Mini Fat Rap Crankbait

All 10 colors available

For taking finicky fish, the tight swimming action is just right. The sinking Mini Fat Rap works with unmatchable action for attracting trout and panfish.

  • Compact Body Design
  • Tight Swimming Action
  • Shallow Running
  • Hand-Tuned & Tank-Tested

    Running Depth 3-6 Feet

    Species: Trout, Panfish

    Technique: Casting & Trolling

    Running Depth: 7' - 14'

    Environment: Freshwater

    Recommended Line: Sufix Fishing Line