Rapala Tail Dancer at our Guaranteed Lowest Price
Rapala Tail Dancer Crankbait
Rapala Tail Dancer CrankbaitRapala Tail Dancer Crankbait
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Rapala Tail Dancer Crankbait

A balsa body shaped like a banana gives the Tail Dancer its wide wobble. With 9 colors, 3 sizes, and internal rattles it attracts a wide variety of gamefish. A stop and go method with cause the lure to act like baitfish swimming in the currents.


  • Wide Tail Action
  • Balsa Body With Internal Rattle
  • VMC® Black Nickel Pyramid Point Hooks

    Species: Bass, Walleye, Pike, Musky, Trout, Salmon, Panfish

    Technique: Casting & Trolling

    Running Depth: 6' - 15'

    Environment: Freshwater

    Recommended Line: Sufix Fishing Line