Rapala X-Rap Pop
Rapala X-Rap Pop
Rapala X-Rap PopRapala X-Rap Pop
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Rapala X-Rap Pop Topwater Lure

The X-Rap Pop has the same features as the X-Rap series but in a topwater lure. The front of the bait along with an internal rattle gives the lure a loud pop as it is jerked across the surface. You can fish the lure in various methods, everything from a slight tug to walk the dog. The internal long cast system makes it easy to cast long distances. Internal holographic foil in a translucent body adds flash.


  • Deep Cupped Lip
  • Loud Pop and Splash
  • Internal Long Cast
  • Internal Textured Scales, Gills and Fins
  • 3D Holographic Eye
  • VMC® Black Nickel Hooks
  • Flash Feather Teaser Tail
  • X-Style Finish