Zebco Rhino Series RSC2 Reel
Zebco Rhino Series RSC2 Reel
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Zebco Rhino Series RSC2 Reel

Zebco Rhino Series RSC2 Reel is Little in size, but big in features, it has the same rugged construction as its big brother, but is easier for smaller hands or a better choice when conditions warrant lighter baits or line.

It is a four steel bearing model with a machine-forged aircraft aluminum screw-on front cover to protect what's on the inside, including its exclusive brass drivetrain system. Manufactured from cross-axis helical-cut forged brass, the drivetrain offers unbeatable strength and durability, and a whisper smooth gear performance.

The Auto Bait Alert™ provides an audible click when on, alerting the angler that something is taking the offer. Another great feature is the reel's exclusive Rhino® Roller-Ball drag knob. It makes drag adjustments easy, requiring only a simple pull back for more drag or push forward for less.

The reel's TPE sealed thumb button is designed for casting comfort and allows all day casting without hand fatigue. The reel has a quick 4.4: 1 gear ratio and comes pre-spooled with 80 yds of 8 lb. test line. Put all these features beside the diecast aluminum over-sized power handle and you've got one tough little fishing reel. . . tough enough to be called a Rhino.

Features Include: Cross-axis helical-cut forged brass drivetrain. Machine-forged aircraft aluminum screw-on cover. 4 steel ball bearings. Dual ceramic pickup pins with triple ramp. Rhino roller-ball quad-cam drag system. Selective, multi-point anti-reverse. Auto Bait Alert. TPE sealed thumb button. Diecast aluminum over sized power handle. Right or left retrieve. Ratio 3.4:1