Abu Garcia Verdict Casting and Spinning Rods
Abu Garcia Verdict Casting and Spinning Rods
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Abu Garcia Verdict Casting and Spinning Rods

Ask ten anglers what the right handle length is and you'll get ten different answers. Fish a multitude of lures or lightweight reels on on rod and you'll have balance nightmares. Fish with a new Verdict™ rod and solve all of those problems and more.

The Extending Handle System™ allows you to set your handle to a desired length for any technique. Shorten the handle for topwater and finesse techniques. Extend the handle for power casting and extra distance, or set it anywhere in between for any technique.

The 36 Ton rating indicates the highest grade of graphite available in an Abu Garcia rod, reducing the overall rod weight. The higher the tonnage, the stiffer the fibers inside the rod. Stiffer fibers more efficiently transmit vibrations to your hand, improving sensitivity so you can feel more strikes.

  • Extending Handle System allows for balance and Ergonomic Enhancement
  • 36 Ton graphite construction for a light weight and increased sensitivity
  • One piece double anodized aluminum screw down creates a secure connection with the reel
  • High density EVA handles are more durable and comfortable
  • Titanium alloy guides with SiC inserts create a lightweight, balanced rod design
  • Texas-rigged hook keeper for all bait applications