All American Acid(Spiral) Roller Guide Tops
All American Acid(Spiral) Roller Guide Tops
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All American Acid(Spiral) Roller Guide Tops

All American Acid(Spiral) Roller Tops Silver frames are an electro polishing process that brightens stainless steel. Chromium and nickel, which are components of stainless steel, are electrolytically drawn to the surface. The effect is very similar to chrome plating, except there is no adhesion to be concerned with. The layer is a homogenous constituent of the metal and cannot delaminate or peel. This nickel chromium mono-oxide layer is extremely corrosion resistant.

Our Black frames are a black chrome process with a special stainless steel activator and black chrome applied directly to the stainless eliminating the traditional copper/nickel coating which virtually eliminates the possibility of the copper/nickel ever pealing off. The frames are then polished in walnut shell for three to five hours to add even more luster to the black chrome.

Our Color frames, offered in Gold and Sundance are processed with Ionfusion™ technology. This process fuses Zirconium Nitride to the stainless steel resulting in the surface hardness surpassing 80 Rockwell C. This process ensures long life and maximum corrosion resistance. Applied to the stainless steel, long lasting consistent color is produced on each run. This process is also used on gun barrels, knife blades, mills, drills, and machine tools

We are always looking at new high quality processes and colors to add to our line.