American Fishing Wire Downrigger Braid
American Fishing Wire Downrigger Braid
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American Fishing Wire Downrigger Braid

If you’re really serious about fishing with downriggers, it’s time to get the Downrigger Braid advantage. This braided Spectra® fiber line will help get your lures deep while providing a more stealthy approach to wary game fish. Downrigger Braid “cuts” the water smoothly with less resistance than cable or monofilament and it is thinner per rated test than either material. That means you’ll experience less blow-back at trolling speeds. Less blow-back equals greater depth capabilities. Plus, it won’t generate the hum or bubble stream associated with downrigger cable which can spook some game fish. Downrigger Braid is the best improvement to controlled depth fishing since the invention of the downrigger.

  • 450 ft. spool