Berkley Lightning Rod Shock Series Spinning Rods
Berkley Lightning Rod Shock Series Spinning Rods
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Berkley Lightning Rod Shock Series Spinning Rods

From bass to inshore species and everything in between, anglers turn to superline when they need a near-zero-stretch line with plenty of strength in a small diameter. Berkley designed the Lightning Rod Shock family of rods specifically for superline fishing. The Aluminum Oxide guides are diamond polished to a rich, black surface for strength, durability and reduced friction. These downsized guides help decrease wind knots, while remaining lightweight and tough. Lightning Rod Shock rods feature a Strike Amplifying Tip, blending fiberglass with graphite to produce a slower-reacting tip. The result is fewer lost fish. A split-grip design delivers more sensitivity and better balance with less weight, while a suspended reel seat dampens reel vibration, ensuring maximum sensitivity. 1K Power Helix construction produces extra strength in the backbone while remaining light weight, to handle the stress loads inherent to fishing with superline.