Blue Fox Vibrax Bullet Spinners
Blue Fox Vibrax Bullet Spinners
Blue Fox Vibrax Bullet SpinnersBlue Fox Vibrax Bullet Spinners
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Blue Fox Vibrax Bullet Spinners

With 12 colors – 5 new VU – and 7 sizes this inline spinner is design for long cast running 2 to 6 feet. For deep waters and swift currents Bullet spinners are designed for maximum vibration. It is 30% heavier pre size than the Original Vibrax. Inline blade spins directly on the shaft in a wider arc for more vibration.


  • Machined brass
  • Plated or painted fi nishes
  • 30% heavier than comparable Original Vibrax

    VMC® Hook

  • Perfectly tempered for strength
  • Extremely sharp for quick penetration

    Inline Blade

  • Spins directly on shaft
  • Plated or painted patterns


  • Heavy-duty stainless steel
  • Wide arc for maximum vibration