Bullet Weights Screw-On Weights
Bullet Weights Screw-On Weights
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Bullet Weights Screw-On Weights

Ever since ‘Florida Rigging' has become popular the screw-in bullet weight has become a staple item for bass fishermen all over the country. The ease of rigging your flip bait or plastic worm with the screw-in weight and the fact that your weight will stay where you want it without pegging makes Florida Rigging one of the better rigging options when you're using soft plastic lures. Bullet Weights Screw-In Weights feature a plastic insert that runs through the weight that will protect your line from damage by the lead weight when it gets thrashed around by a fish or dragged through thick cover. When you use these Screw-In weights you will be sure your bait will fall to the bottom in thick cover and wood because the weight won't separate from the bait and end up on two sides of a stick; the entire unit will remain together and go through the cover.