Daiwa Millionaire-S Round Baitcast Reels
Daiwa Millionaire-S Round Baitcast Reels
Daiwa Millionaire-S Round Baitcast ReelsDaiwa Millionaire-S Round Baitcast Reels
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Daiwa Millionaire-S Round Baitcast Reels

For anything from Bass to Salmon, Striper, Snook etc., Millionaire-S offers Daiwa reliability and performance to fit any anglers budget. These classic-shaped baitcasters are equipped with many of today’s most advanced performance features—yet come at a price you’d normally pay for an ordinary reel.

Centriflex Easy Adjustment: Protected by the reel’s quickly removable left sideplate, a simple click adjustment on the spool’s end lets you dial in the perfect anti-backlash setting for your style of casting.

One-Piece Aluminum Frame: Extremely rigid to prevent flex. So no matter how strong the fish or how hard he pulls, gears stay in perfect mesh for greater power and less wear

Free Floating Spool: Unlike other reels, where the pinion gear constantly rides the spool shaft, Daiwa’s unique system floats the spool independently on precision, stainless steel ball bearings. Because the pinion rides its own separate shaft, the spool spins freely, unhampered by gear train friction when casting.

Millionaire® -S Features:

  • Free-Floating Spool™ for maximum spool freedom and longer easier casting
  • Anodized to resist saltwater corrosion
  • Rigid, one-piece aluminum frame
  • Sturdy yet lightweight aluminum alloy spool
  • Centriflex™ automatic centrifugal spool brake
  • Infinite Anti-Reverse means virtually no handle slap-back for firmer hook sets with less shock to the reel
  • Spool click on 300 size
  • Massive, seven-element Super Drag™