Daiwa Spinmatic-C Ultralight - Pack Rods
Daiwa Spinmatic-C Ultralight - Pack Rods
Daiwa Spinmatic-C Ultralight - Pack Rods
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Daiwa Spinmatic-C Ultralight - Pack Rods

A true performance match for Daiwa’s ultralight Spinmatic reels, these rods let you cast lighter offerings and sense the slightest of bites, while still providing plenty of backbone. Great for trout, panfish and crappie.

Trout-action pack rods meet your needs from beaver ponds and small streams to high lakes. Four-piece rods set up quickly, store neatly in their own soft case.

Spinmatic®-C Ultralight - Pack Rods Features:

High-performance graphite blank for maximum power and sensitivity * Low-friction, cut-proof aluminum oxide guides * Genuine Fuji® reel seat firmly clamps any ultralight reel * Classic cork handle for warm, sure-grip comfort in all weather conditions * Hook keeper


For superior casting, high-legged guides funnel line efficiently from the reel to a closely spaced series of low-framed, small diameter guides. These transport line out to the tip, providing better sensitivity, accuracy and hook setting power. GREATER HOOKING POWER More guides, closely spaced, lower and closer to the blank means less energy loss and greater power on hookset.

GREATER SENSITIVITY Rod sensitivity is effected by the weight of the rod tip and the number of guides. The lighter the tip and the more guides, the more sensitive the rod.

GREATER ACCURACY Smaller diameter, lower framed guides near the rod tip decrease twisting of the blank when casting for greater casting accuracy.