Dexter-Russell 3-Way Sharpener
Dexter-Russell 3-Way Sharpener
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Dexter-Russell 3-Way Sharpener

Dexter/Russell's new improved 3-WAY end-piece design of indestructible polypropylene now gives you the choice of two easy methods to sharpen really dull knives. First, with ceramic rods standing vertically, or an alternate method, with ceramic rods horizontal to counter or table top. Select the sharpening method easiest for your and restore a brand new edge on your dull knives, or fine hone an already sharp knife...you'll love it. Complete instruction s for sharpening with either method is included.

The three ceramic rods, each with the appropriate coarseness, for dull or worn edges, partially dull edges and quick touch ups, require no oil or water when sharpening. Rods can be rotated for new, clean surface and cleaned with soap or detergent.

The new improved Dexter/Russell 3-WAY sharpener, with two methods of sharpening, gives you the best and easiest do-it-yourself knife sharpening system you can buy. American made.