Fin-Nor Sportfisher Bait Teaser Spinning Reels
Fin-Nor Sportfisher Bait Teaser Spinning Reels
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Fin-Nor Sportfisher Bait Teaser Spinning Reels

Sportfisher Bait Teaser™ reels features a dual drag system controlled by a simple knob at the rear of the reel that lets you manage the presentation of your live bait until the strike. The strong, font-adjustable drag then takes over with the turn of the handle.

Anglers who may have never experienced Fin-Nor's legendary quality now have an entry-level priced spin series, built for the value-minded angler who still demands the durability and excellence that makes Fin-Nor stand out from all other brands. The Sportfisher series is a perfect beach house commodity during the summer, and are always ready for a quick pick-up the moment the fish are running. Fin-Nor quality workmanship makes Sportfisher great tackle, and a great value.

  • Strong aluminum body, sideplate and rotor
  • Continuous anti-reverse clutch
  • 4+1 Bearing performance
  • Smooth, front-adjustable carbon-fiber drag system
  • Forged aluminum spool
  • Electrostatic multi-layer corrosion protection
  • Aluminum crank handle