Fuji Model BLCAG Alconite Ring Black S.S. Frame Surf Casting Guides
Fuji Model BLCAG Alconite Ring
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Fuji Model BLCAG Alconite Ring Black S.S. Frame Surf Casting Guides

ALCONITE Ring - Fuji's engineers thought long and hard on how to make aguide lighter and stronger yet keep the cost down. After years of research they came up with Alconite, a special type of ceramic that offers strength, lightness, and durability. In fact Alconite offers 80% greater compression strength and is 20% lighter than Aluminum Oxide. Also, through Fuji's Diamond Polishing, Alconite boasts afinish that is smoother than that of Hardloy®. Fuji engineers were also able to make Alconite the thinnest and lightest ceramic ring available today; even 7% lighter than standard SiC Rings! When combined with the lightweight Concept frame the results are unparalleled ... 35% lighter and up to 50% stronger than ordinary guides.

LC SERIES CONCEPT GUIDE • This guide was developed with the use of a high-speed camera, which has aframe speed of an unbelievable 20,000 frames per second. What Fuji found was atremendous amount of twists and loops occurring around guides, that to the unaided eye, seemed as though the line moved through the guides without any interference. This brought forth the "LC" Concept Guide™ frame. With its low, sloping, and lightweight frame design, line entanglement is greatly reduced, enhancing casting distance and accuracy, as well as reducing the total weight of the rod. Designed with a deep pressed frame that helps to secure and protect the ring, the "LC" style guide is among the most innovative in Fuji's line of guides and is a great addition to the Concept Guide~ series.

Stainless Steel Frames - Come with a Black finish.

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