Fuji Model BYLG Hardloy Ring S.S. Frame Black Finish Spinning Rod Guides
Fuji Model BYLG
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Fuji Model BYLG Hardloy Ring S.S. Frame Black Finish Spinning Rod Guides

Y Frame guides are among the highest frames offered by Fuji and as such are used on a vast number of spinning rod layouts where the New Guide Concept suggests the use of a particular height to match a reel’s specifications. The trend toward smaller ring sizes in stripper guides also leads to a Y Frame selection in many cases allowing rod builders to drop down at least one ring size while maintaining needed height. Y Frames feature a lower brace construction that forms a superior “V” shaped metal lower section near the foot that offers exceptional strength for a single foot guide. Y frame reduction trains are often followed by L Frame running guides.

  • Crossover: Occasionally used on traditional spinning rods calling for size 6 running guides.

    HARDLOY has offered anglers a reliable, cost effective and high performance solution for many years. Hardloy is made of a special blend of high grade Aluminum Oxide. This blend produces a much higher compression strength and makes Hardloy much more durable, lighter weight and greater heat dissipation. All of these factors combine to make Hardloy an excellent choice for the avid angler.

    All Frames are Stainless Steel with a Black Finish.
  • Guide size 8L is a low frame guide

    Matching Tops - BPLT/BLLT