Gary Yamamoto 3 1/2 inch "Go-To Tube" Fishing Lures
Gary Yamamoto 3 1/2 inch "Go-To Tube" Fishing Lures
Gary Yamamoto 3 1/2 inch "Go-To Tube" Fishing LuresGary Yamamoto 3 1/2 inch "Go-To Tube" Fishing Lures
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Gary Yamamoto 3 1/2 inch "Go-To Tube" Fishing Lures

What makes Yamamoto tube baits great? Super-fine salt impregnated in a plastic formula that took years to perfect. Translucent colors that don't cloud. Rubbery rip-resistant walls do not tear easily. Original style tube that made tube fishing famous. Cut differently so tentacles won't stick together. Tails always separate in water. Don't lay over on each other. Long flowing tentacles move with the current. Wide inside diameter hollow core enhances liveliness. Fine-cut tentacles are soft and supple yet durable. Tentacles quiver nervously like real fish fins even when standing still. Twenty tentacles greatly increase surface area of the tail for more vibration and noise as each tentacle wriggles. Erratic spiral action on the fall. Tails stand up and flare out on bottom. Hop it, and it swings unpredictably from side to side as it settles back down. Hesitant, lazy wavering action on a horizontal glide or pendulum fall. Elusive dart and hesitation when jigged. Reacts to every swirl or surge in current. Dropshot, splitshot or jig them on light line for that touch of finesse. Super sight fishing. Texas rig on flipping sticks in the thickest cover. Power fish deep using the latest one ton torpedo tubing tactics. Available in three sizes for all your tubular adventures! That's what makes Yamamoto tube baits great.

6 tubes per pack.