Kardol Two Part Epoxy
Kardol Two Part Epoxy
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Kardol Two Part Epoxy

This two-pound per cubic foot density, Coast Guard Approved, pour in place Foam provides excellent flotation and insulation qualities. It is not affected by oil or gasoline and may be coated with polyester resins. A 1-1 mix for easy handling.

This product is Highly Recommended by Johnny's Pond. Excellent play time. You can easily work with it before is starts to harden, about 20 to 30 min. Easy clean up with a spray bottle of alcohol and paper towels. Once it on it's never coming off. Excellent for grips and reel seats. Once you use it you will never use anything else. Quart size comes in 2 pint container, one for resign and one for the hardener. Easy mixing one to one and very forgiven.