Koppers Live Target Frog Walking
Koppers Live Target Frog Walking
Koppers Live Target Frog WalkingKoppers Live Target Frog Walking
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Koppers Live Target Frog Walking

Weightlessly gliding left and right across the surface, the LIVETARGET® frog series has all the attributes to attract BIG fish. Anatomical accuracy, detailed color and effortless action make this a first to the market, elevating the thrill of topwater fishing to a whole new level.

  • 2 Sizes: Length in. 4 1/8, Weight oz. 5/8 & 4 5/8" x 7/8oz.

    Use the walking model in open runs. Twitch, Twitch.....SPLASH!


    The walking Frog is the perfect choice for fishing open water situations. Look for these areas at weed edges and around lay downs and docks.