Luhr-Jensen 6-Pac Schoolie
Luhr-Jensen 6-Pac Schoolie
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Luhr-Jensen 6-Pac Schoolie

Flashers Imitate a Swimming School of Bait Fish

The 6-Pac Schoolie puts a whole school of realistic, shimmering baitfish behind the boat to draw close inspection from predators. Detailed whirling minnow blades pull easily while the side-by-side positioning of three pairs of blades adds depth to the illusion. Each of the six blades is approximately 3-3/4-inces in length.

Product Features:

  • 6 easy-pulling, whirling minnow blades
  • Fish-calling vibration & flash attractor
  • Hook directly in-line using a sinker if desired. No rudder is needed
  • Using a light weight leader attach a plug, small wobbler or bait approx. 24-48" from the end of the troll