Luhr-Jensen Trout Rubber Snubber
Luhr-Jensen Trout Rubber Snubber
Luhr-Jensen Trout Rubber SnubberLuhr-Jensen Trout Rubber Snubber
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Luhr-Jensen Trout Rubber Snubber

Trolling Shock Absorber Helps Prevent Hooks From Tearing Out

Luhr-Jensen Trout Snubbers are the best way to prevent hooks form tearing out of fish on a hard strike by providing some "give" in the trolling set up. Controlled stretch also helps in maintaining consistent pressure on fish to maximize landings. Bright colors offer attraction value while four available snubber strengths offer versatility for all conditions and fish size.

Product Features:

  • Attaches in-line or behind lake trolls
  • Fish attracting colors