Luhr-Jensen Bolo Flex-i-Troll
Luhr-Jensen Bolo Flex-i-Troll
Luhr-Jensen Bolo Flex-i-TrollLuhr-Jensen Bolo Flex-i-Troll
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Luhr-Jensen Bolo Flex-i-Troll

Unique Blade Shape Creates a Disco Ball Reflection

The Bolo Troll's four-blade design is built around the unique Luhr-Jensen Bolo blade. Almost like two blades overlapped, the Bolo design spins in wide circles, offering brilliant flash and vibration, even at slower trolling speeds. Multiple sizes allow the Bolo Troll to suit waters from smaller ponds to large reservoirs. A built-in trolling rudder eliminates spin.

Product Features:

  • No line-twist action & flexible cable
  • Premium plating & polishing for maximum flash
  • Extra-light blades for low drag trolling

  • Size 2 - 24", Includes Rudder & 4-#2 Blades)
  • >b>Size 2 - 26", Includes Rudder & 4-#3 Blades) Size 3 - 36", Includes Rudder & 4-#4 Blades)