Marcum VX-1P 3-Color Sonar Flasher System
Marcum VX-1P 3-Color Sonar Flasher System
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Marcum VX-1P 3-Color Sonar Flasher System

In MarCum’s tireless quest to engineer the most technologically advanced ice fishing electronics, the category leader also recognizes the call for functional, durable, user-friendly technology that satisfies the needs of the casual or occasional angler. This alone justifies the role played by our stalwart VX-1Pro. For the weekend warrior, simplicity is sweet, and that’s the VX-1Pro instruction manual in a nutshell: Open box. Turn on. Commence catching fish. Still, calling VX-1Pro an "entry-level flasher” isn’t completely accurate. Its price tag and intuitive operation make it so. But with 1,000 watts of power, interference rejection system, and zoom, the VX-1Pro boasts features not found in competing systems costing hundreds more. Like its "flashier” brethren, the VX-1Pro also comes complete with a long-running 12 volt 7 amp battery, battery charger, and a padded soft pack. Entry-level? Yeah right


  • 1,000-watts of power
  • 20-degree Transducer
  • Bottom Lock Zoom
  • Red Padded Soft Pack included
  • 12-volt 7-amp Rechargeable Battery
  • 3-Stage Automatic Battery Charger included
  • 6 levels of Interference Rejection
  • Two year warranty
  • Most feature- and value-rich ice sonar system available
  • Made in the USA with US and imported parts
  • One year warranty