Mepps Spinner Paks
Mepps Spinner Paks
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Spinner Paks
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Mepps Spinner Paks

The next time you're planning a trout or bass fishing trip make it easy on yourself. Pick up a Spinner Pak of Mepps lures that have proven themselves effective for the exact species of fish you're going after!

Mepps Basser Comet Mino and Aglia Dressed
  • 1 ea. Mepps #2 Comet Mino
  • 1 ea. Mepps #2 Aglia Dressed.

    Mepps Trouter Dressed Spinner
  • 1 ea. Mepps #1 Black Fury Dressed
  • 1 ea. Mepps #1 Aglia Long Dressed 1 ea. Mepps #0 Aglia Dressed