StrikeMaster Electric Lazer
StrikeMaster Electric Lazer
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StrikeMaster Electric Lazer

She's a smooth operator, this svelte and sexy electric ice-eater. Cutting with grace, the StrikeMaster Electra Lazer silently brings slush to the surface with surprising strength. She's juicy, too, packing the energy for a full day on the hardwater.


  • 12 Volt Battery Pack
  • VANDARŽ Long Filament Impact Handles
  • 12 Foot External Battery Cable with Car Charger and 120v Wall Charger
  • 90 RPM Auger Rotation with 40:1 Gear Rotation
  • Twin Serrated Stainless Steel Lazer Blades
  • Polymer Gear Casting Reduces Weight
  • 20 amp peak draw