Catcher Co. Smelly Jelly
Catcher Co. Smelly Jelly
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Catcher Co. Smelly Jelly

As soon as you open a jar, you know that fish can't help but smell this stuff. Smelly Jelly Scent is the pure essence of each bait mixed in a special jelly base with the consistency of Vaseline. This stuff really sticks to your lures. Try it on a jig, worm, or hard bait and experience a bass who won't let go. Choose your favorite scent, and see if it doesn't produce more bites. The Bass Feast is probably the strongest scent and one of the best sellers. Other favorites include Crawdaddy and Crawfish Anise. Try Nightcrawler on your worms and Shad Glitter on swimbaits and hardbaits.

1 fl. oz. jars

Scents available are listed in the drop-down menu.