ERC Double D Crankbait Lures
ERC Double D Crankbait Lures
ERC Double D Crankbait LuresERC Double D Crankbait Lures
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ERC Double D Crankbait Lures

The Double D (a shallower cousin of the Triple D) is actually a "Jerkbait in Disguise." ERC has combined the roll and flash of traditional crankbaits with darting, gliding action of jerkbaits to produce a truly multifunctional lure that excels in many casting and trolling applications.

The secret to the Double D is its near neutral buoyancy. This characteristic allows pauses that keep the lure in the strike zone longer and triggers neutral and inactive as well as active fish.

Specs Casting Depth 2' - 6' Length 9 in. Features

  • Solid Plastic Construction - Won't Crack or Leak
  • Durable Poly - Carbonate Lip
  • Hydro-Dynamic Keel Design
  • 13 Strike Inducing Hand Painted Standard Colors
  • Wolverine Split Rings / Mustad Round Bend Hooks
  • Suspending
  • Jerkbait with "Depth Control"
  • Incredible Strike Inducing Action