ERC Triple D Crankbait Lures
ERC Triple D Crankbait Lures
ERC Triple D Crankbait LuresERC Triple D Crankbait Lures
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ERC Triple D Crankbait Lures

Size 9". Weight 3 oz. Casting depth 6' - 12'. Maximum Trolling depth 18'.

The Triple D is actually a "Jerkbait in Disguise." ERC has combined the roll and flash of traditional crankbaits with darting, gliding action of jerkbaits to produce a truly multifunctional lure that excels in many casting and trolling applications.

The secret to the Triple D is its near neutral buoyancy. This characteristic allows pauses that keep the lure in the strike zone longer and triggers neutral and inactive as well as active fish.


  • Solid Plastic Construction - Won't Crack or Leak
  • Durable Poly - Carbonate Lip
  • Hydro-Dynamic Keel Design
  • 13 Strike Inducing Hand Painted Standard Colors
  • Wolverine Split Rings / Mustad Round Bend Hooks
  • Suspending
  • Jerkbait with "Depth Control"
  • Incredible Strike Inducing Action

    Colors available are listed in the drop-down menu.